We are currently developing an extraordinary wellness center outside Nashville, Tennessee where people can come from all over to obtain rejuvenated health and wellness, as well as holistic education, coaching, and alternative means of treatment. When you or a loved one is experiencing health challenges, and you feel like you’ve exhausted all of your allopathic resources, you will now have options for integrative health care with The Butterfly Institute.

Our culture desperately needs alternative medicine and practices, along with the best of conventional medical practice. We want to merge these two usually opposing ways of healthcare and bring the best of both of them to the world. God has already miraculously blessed the Butterfly Institute by providing the vision of beautiful acreage on rolling farm and woodland in Franklin, Tennessee on which to build the H.O.P.E. Campus. This campus promises to be the first of its kind. It will feature an eco-conscious wellness center with the latest in renewable resources, teaching facilities (including practice kitchens where healthy cooking skills are taught), organic gardens, research facilities, practitioner offices, a prayer sanctuary, community event and retreat space for seminars, gatherings, lectures, etc.

Our goal is to secure funds to start the build.

Wilt thou be made whole? John 5:6

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