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My sister, Berta Brizendine (now 42-years-old), discovered a growing lump in her left breast in the fall of 2017. Subsequent rounds of testing that October showed that the cancer was indeed back. All of a sudden, she was once again thrown into a fight for her life, but this time, with a husband AND a young daughter (now 4-years-old).

In 2006, Berta was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Mercury Toxicity. After three years of treatments, she was starting to get her life back and got engaged.. But then, a month later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer (the first time). She spent the next 9 months undergoing holistic treatments and some conventional treatments before having a total mastectomy to remove the right breast. She even got married in the middle of her treatment! Five years later, she gave birth to her daughter Michaela, and then decided to leave her long-time teaching career to be home with her.

When Berta discovered a new cancerous lump last fall, she immediately dove back into natural therapies and radically changed her diet again. This kept the tumor under control and halted growth for awhile, but now, for some reason, it has grown significantly. She is desperately researching and trying other treatment options that could work to shrink the tumor. None of these options are covered by insurance, so finances have been a major stress for her. I don’t want a lack of funds to ever be the reason why she must stop these holistic treatments. We hope that with your support, she will receive the financial assistance needed to continue her current therapies and to explore other options through local providers.

We already lost our mother to cancer in 2013. I want to see my sister successfully beat this disease once and for all and NEVER have to face it again!

Maria Steinhauer (Berta’s sister)

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